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Testimonials (A-levels)

Kong Yu Jo HCI 2021_edited.jpg

Having struggled with the subject by the end of JC1, I started lessons with Mr Ho. He had helped me to navigate through the complexities of the subject, explaining economic theories and concepts clearly and illustrating them systematically. He actively encourages students to ask questions or clarify any doubts and he made sure that his explanations were understood well by linking it to the economic foundation theories and concepts. This gives clarity and makes abstract concepts much easier to grasp.

Mr Ho is also perceptive and adapts his teaching methods to my learning speed and style, eliminating my weaknesses and reinforces the knowledge until the learning gap is fully closed. Apart from imparting economic theories and concepts, he had also guided me on how to apply them to tackle exam questions effectively by developing logical plans to streamline my thinking and writing process and also enhanced my learning by just being aware of economics-in-action around the world and to apply the knowledge in our everyday lives.


Majority of my lessons under him were conducted via zoom. As he is well prepared with his software materials for sharing in each online session and with appropriate digital teaching tools, quality video and voice, the online experience feels like a normal face-to-face interaction. It did not compromise my learning at all but in fact makes learning more convenient and effective!

Kong Yu Jo

Hwa Chong Institution 2021

Shannen Koh TJC 2021_edited.jpg

I previously struggled with A-level H2 Economics due to the subject’s heavy content and had difficulty understanding the different abstract concepts. I did not have any direction to revise the subject for my tests, which only made me feel unprepared and panicky each time an exam came around.


After attending Mr Chris Ho's lessons, I was able to identify, differentiate and apply the relevant concepts when answering questions. He is flexible in adapting his teaching to my cognitive learning style, and often adopts methods like acronyms, diagrams and hypothetical situations to remember keywords befitting to answer the question at hand. I was able to revise and understand the subject to familiarity, which allowed me to overcome the initial stumbling block and my fears. The active recalling of concepts during lessons let me rely less on my notes. Instead, I use what I have been taught to logically link concise and relevant points to answer questions.


Mr Ho is very dedicated, having collating perspectives of different views to evaluating real-life economic situations, opening up new doors to thinking. Though the pandemic had restricted lessons to zoom, it did not reduce the effectiveness of my learning. With Mr Ho's help, I improved tremendously and eventually achieved an ‘A’ for the A-level examinations. Thank you, Mr Ho!

Shannen Koh

Temasek Junior College 2021

Deborah Lee 2020 & Abraham Lee RI_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Mr Chris Ho's remarkable lessons were always extremely engaging as he taught in a student-centric manner, providing many opportunities for my classmates and I to contribute in class discussions. Crucially, he promoted a safe and conducive learning space for all to clarify any doubts and questions that arose. His explanations to each question posed were crystal clear and exceptionally comprehensive, further highlighting the undisputed excellence of his teaching that revolves around detailed step-by-step explanations for all the concepts in the syllabus without fail.


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in online learning via Zoom, he continued to deliver stellar online lessons which were just as effective and interesting as his face-to-face lessons, complemented by the use of brilliant graphics and helpful resources. Under his mentorship, I acquired a deep insight into Economics not just as an academic subject, but as a thrilling field with real-world applications.

Deborah Lee

Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine,

Nanyang Technological University

Raffles Institution 2020

Ng Ziqin RI 2020_edited.jpg

To me, Mr Chris Ho is not merely an Economics teacher, but an Economics mentor. He excels at simplifying complex Economics terms through the use of colourful and relatable examples. He’s also very willing to go the extra mile for his students.


Beyond lessons, what he offers is a one-stop shop: self-created materials which are both comprehensive and comprehensible, detailed and helpful feedback on written work, and personal consultations. While the content of his lessons definitely adhere closely to the JC syllabus, he is also extremely knowledgeable and widely-read. This enabled him to answer many of my Economics-related questions from beyond the syllabus – questions which other teachers might have dismissed as being irrelevant or a waste of time. As a student who took my A-levels during the COVID-19 circuit breaker and experienced having lessons with Mr Ho both in person and online, I felt that teaching online did not dampen Mr Ho’s effectiveness or enthusiasm.


Thank you Mr Ho for adding value to my learning and giving me the extra push I need to achieve an ‘A’ for the A-level H2 Economics examination!

Ng Ziqin

Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore

Raffles Institution 2020

Manish Warrier RI 2020_edited.jpg

I honestly couldn't have achieved an 'A' for my A-level H2 Economics examination with Mr Chris Ho and I cannot emphasise enough how much his notes, summaries, lessons and comments helped me throughout my revision. The moment I started lessons in September 2019 in JC1, my grade became an A and it never went down.


While the initial transition to home-based learning was difficult, Mr Ho's engaging online lessons managed to deliver the content in a succinct yet clear manner. His summary notes and encyclopedia of questions from other schools really stretched me and forced me to tackle different types of questions. Mr Ho's extra pointers and tips really helped me to consider different perspectives and his simplification of difficult concepts made the journey a whole lot easier. My grades drastically improved after attending Mr Ho’s classes and remained consistently at ‘A’ all the way until the A-levels.

Manish Warrier

Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine,

National University of Singapore

Raffles Institution 2020

Wong Yu Qing VJC 2020_edited_edited.jpg

Mr Chris Ho is an incredibly dedicated and effective teacher! Before joining his classes, I had little confidence in writing economics essays, often not knowing what to write for evaluation marks. However, through his patient guidance, I finally understood why I wasn't achieving the marks I wanted, and I improved greatly. Due to the pandemic, Mr Ho used Zoom to conduct his classes. I liked his teaching style whereby he annotated directly onto the screen and created mind-maps of the concepts required with a variety of colours. Him breaking down questions into more smaller, digestible chunks had really helped me understand the question requirements better. Overall, I enjoyed and appreciated Mr Ho's lessons a lot. It helped my achieve ‘A’ for my A-level H2 Economics examination.

Wong Yu Qing

Pharmaceutical Science,

National University of Singapore

Victoria Junior College 2020

Zwe NJC 2020.jpg

Although the COVID-19 pandemic obstructed the natural flow of things, Mr Chris Ho was quick to adapt to the situation and brought his lessons online via zoom. He prepared his materials and sent to the students before each lesson so that it runs smoothly. He managed to maintain the classroom-like atmosphere online by allowing students to actively ask questions, hence clarifying their doubts immediately. He often covers economic concepts to a greater depth than most schools, allowing students to build strong fundamentals in Economics. His use of mind-maps to summarise each topic not only makes it easier to remember important concepts, but also assists the students to form logical connections between the different economic concepts in both microeconomics and macroeconomics. In short, Mr Ho is a patient and diligent mentor who not only teaches economics, but also trains his students to think logically like economists, and his guidance has propelled me to greater heights and achieve an ‘A’ at the A-level H2 Economics examination.

Zwe Zeya

Business & Computer Science,

Nanyang Technological University

National Junior College 2020

Kaelynn Tan TMJC H1 2020_edited.jpg

Mr Chris Ho’s teaching techniques have helped me score ‘A’s in school exams, and ultimately for the A-Level H1 Economics examination. He goes through revision questions for us and specifically caters to topics where we have doubts on. Additionally, during Circuit Breaker where we had to change learning modes via Zoom, Mr. Ho’s teaching remained effective as ever, consistently supplying us with revision material to ensure our learning progress was not compromised. I am grateful to Mr Ho for his guidance and support!!

Kaelynn Tan

Life Sciences & Business Management, 

National University of Singapore

Tampines-Meridian Junior College 2020

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