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Testimonials (IB)

Natalie Chow ACSI 2023.jpg

Mr Chris Ho is a very patient Economics teacher. I decided to join his tuition lessons upon the recommendation of my friend at the end of Year 5 as I had struggled with HL Economics. Mr Ho helped me improve my Economics grades from a '5' in my promotional exams to a '7' in final IB exams over the course of a year.


Even though I attended one-to-one sessions with Mr Ho online, his lessons remained very effective as he was able to correct my mistakes and doubts immediately. I was never afraid to ask any questions - even about the smallest details, and he would explain them carefully until I understood the concepts. He also customised the lessons according to my strengths and weaknesses, focusing on the aspects that I should improve on. The acronyms and stories Mr Ho used in his lessons were really useful in helping me understand and apply the various economic theories as well! I highly recommend anyone who is looking for Economics tuition to join Mr Ho’s lessons as he will definitely help to nurture improvement and interest in the subject.


Natalie Chow

ACS Independent (Nov 2023)

Celine Lee SJI 2023.jpg

I joined Mr Chris Ho’s IB HL Economics class at the beginning of Year 5 since I had no prior knowledge on economics and wanted a strong foundation. From the first lesson, I found Mr Ho’s notes to be very detailed and organised. He frequently uses real world examples to apply the various economic concepts to make them easy to understand. All analysis needed for the exam was gone through and written in a systematic format making it easy to remember. Thus, I had straight 7s in my two years in SJI and also achieved a '7' in the final IB exam.


The strong foundation in the 3 major units of the syllabus made me confident in doing any essay question in the IB exam. Mr Ho would go through essay questions from IB with us and give us a detailed essay outlines. These exercises allowed me to train my thinking and allow me to easily construct an essay during exams. He would also go through past IB paper 2 and paper 3, giving us a lot of practice before the IB exams.


Mr Ho is a very dedicated teacher as he marks all the essays that the students send him and gives detailed feedback. He also tells us IA tips and gives clear feedback on our IAs, making my IA journey not as stressful! All in all, Mr Ho is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher, clearing any doubts and misconceptions I have easily and quickly. I highly recommend Mr Ho for economics tuition as his explanations and notes are all amazing!

Celine Lee

Saint Joseph's Institution (Nov 2023)

Kristen Low ACSI 2023_edited.jpg

I joined Mr Chris Ho at the end of Year 5 as I was struggling slightly with some of the concepts taught for SL Economics, and was also unsure of how to answer different questions.


Even though all of our classes were held over zoom, I was able to understand him clearly and my approach to the subject improved significantly. He taught me heavily through written practices, which I felt was very effective as I not only gained familiarity with the content, but also learned answering techniques and key points that I should include in my answers. Mr Chris Ho also provided a very structured approach to answering questions which helped me gain confidence in the subject, so I would strongly recommend joining Mr Chris Ho’s lessons.

Kristen Low

ACS Independent (Nov 2023)

Jordan Basry ACSIntl 2023_edited.jpg

Despite the lack of face-to-face interaction through Zoom, Mr Chris Ho was able to carry out lessons effectively by highlighting vital flaws in my essays and providing solutions. Additionally, he maintains a friendly learning environment during our calls which allows me to ask questions to clarify difficulties in my understanding. As his student, I can confidently say that Mr Ho allowed me to find joy and interest in Economics, despite disliking the subject in the past. Under his guidance, I scored '7' for Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the SL Economics exams.

Jordan Basry

ACS International (Nov 2023)

Gia Han Pham Bui BIS 2023 A_edited.jpg

To say the least, Mr Chris Ho is a very experienced, sharp-eyed, and considerate tutor. Although our lessons had to be virtual, his pedagogy through presenting, walking through, and drawing graphs via OneNote was very interactive and helped clarify a lot of my gaps in knowledge. Notably, Mr Ho has such an expansive bank of resources and unique tips that were particularly valuable towards my improvement in IB HL Economics. I am really thankful for Mr Ho for always prioritising me and his students, such as being willing to spend his late evening for a revision lesson before my exams. “

Gia Han Pham Bui 

British International School, Hanoi (May 2023)

Mr Chris Ho is a very professional and considerate teacher. During my two years of studying IB HL Economics with him, he helped me understand the important and difficult concepts of economics with his efficient teaching methods and guided me to learn how to apply them in reality. He was good at explaining abstract theories using concrete real-world examples, which not only helped me understand them in class and do better in exams but also consider them as a tool in extracurricular studies and university interviews. In order to enhance my learning outcome, he also designed authentic teaching strategies that are matched to my mindset and personality. I am deeply convinced that he is one of the best Economics teacher I’ve met and will certainly help any student reach their maximum potential.

Michael Wang Keren 

Economics and Management, Oxford University

Dehong International Chinese School, Shanghai (May 2023)

I have had the pleasure of being a student in Mr. Ho's IB SL Economics class and I must say that he is an exceptional teacher. He has great patience when explaining difficult concepts and his method of teaching is very systematic and tailored to the syllabus. His inclusion of excellent exam-answering techniques has helped me to excel in the subject. Additionally, Mr. Ho is always prepared for class and creates a positive and engaging learning environment. Overall, I am grateful to have had Mr. Ho as a teacher and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their understanding of economics and to boost their grades.

Stephanie Guan 

Canadian International School (May 2023)

Mr Ho’s lessons were instrumental in ensuring my final IB HL Economics exams scored a '7'. Despite the fact that we conducted lessons exclusively online, I found his teaching methods helpful and engaging. The frequent use of practice papers also allowed me to get used to the new syllabus and thus better prepare for the final exam. Furthermore, he cultivated an extremely nurturing environment in our sessions, always willing to offer a kind word whenever I felt discouraged.

Sarah Zhang

Saint Joseph's Institution (International), Nov 2022

Mr Chris Ho is a very effective tutor. His notes were extensive and he taught it in an engaging manner while maximising my learning proficiency. For example, his comments on my essays made me learn how to write essays quickly and competently, allowing me to transform from an average student to one who scored a '7' for SL Economics. He is also very warm and encouraging and any student would be lucky to have him as a tutor.

Rowan Lim

Saint Joseph's Institution (International), Nov 2022

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